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  • What is document attestation?
    Document attestation is basically the South African government's way of of authenticating your South African documents in order to assure a foreign government (that will receiving your documents for visa / permit purposes) that the documents are legitimate.
  • How does the attestation process work?
    In order to proceed we will just need your originals documents. In most instances it is only copies of the documents that will be attested, but we will need the originals to initiate the attestation process. Your originals will always be kept safe at our offices and will be returned to you at the end of the process along with the attested documents.
  • What does the attestation process involve?
    The attestation process involves having your documents processed and authenticated through various entities such as a notary public, SAQA, The Department of Basic Education, HPCSA, High Court and DIRCO prior to submission to the relevant embassy for the final attestation stamp.
  • Can documents be attested in any province other than Gauteng?
    The short answer is no, most of the places that the documents need to be taken to such as DIRCO and the Embassies only have offices in Pretoria and as such the processing of the documents has to be carried out here. In order for us to assist you can courier the documents to us or we can have our courier collect from you, whichever you prefer. At the end of the process we will then email scanned copies of the attested documents to you and hand the originals to our courier for delivery back to you.
  • Can my documents be attested if I am already out of the country?
    Yes, we will still be able to assist with the attestation of your documents if you are already outside of South Africa. You will just need to courier the documents to us using a reputable courier such as DHL or Fedex (never use normal post). We will then send you an invoice via email and payment can be made via EFT or visa / mastercard payment at any time prior to us returning the finalised documents to you via DHL.
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