Payment Process

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 Orders are done either online by the client or by being sent after telephonic/ email request. 

Payment is done by either:

1. Using PayGate payment gateway using Visa/ MasterCard and the currency charged is in South African Rands. All additional transaction fees are paid by Anderson Consulting Associates (Pty) Ltd. 

2. Bank Deposit from an EFT or cash at a local South African bank.Invoices are sent when proof of payment and money has been successfully deposited into our account. Foreign payments- payer must pay banking charges (approximately R260)



Orders Process

Clients must ensure that they complete the correct quantities, country and types of attestation online. This helps us understand and track your order. 

The costs include the embassy, agency and other fees. Courier fees will be added when you insert your address and is address dependent. Currently we charge R200 within SA and R400 outside of SA.

They must insert the correct courier address (the end place of where you want the documents to be sent) so that when we have completed the order we can courier immediately. This saves time and errors later on. If there are 2 courier address-one for originals and one for attestation- contact us and we will arrange. 

We scan the final attested document prior to scanning. Note the process can take several days. Please ensure that you have planned in advance the amount of days you require in order to get your documents timeously. Please ensure that you plan ahead and check with us regarding the expected turnaround times. We will endeavor to complete as efficiently as all parties permit (please take note we are dealing will multiple parties). 

Note: We are a registered South African company. We are registered with SARS and abide by South African Laws. 

Should you require assistance or further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

+27 12 003 2910