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Can I process attestation of my diploma here in UAE? February 5, 2016 09:00

The attestation of documents needs to take place in the country of the documents origin. This means that if you studied a Degree/ Diploma, lets say in South Africa, that degree needs to be attested in South Africa. The same would apply for official documents such as marriage and birth documents. 

The process thus needs to be done using the correct process for the country. In South Africa, depending on the document route it would go to the highest authority for the given document they would issue a cover page attesting to the fact that the document is authorized by them. After this point the document would go to the countries Foreign Affairs department (In South Africa they have a long name- Department of International Relations and Co operation). It then needs to go to the embassy (in the country of where the document originates) and they authorize the documents. 

This process is known as Document attestation, Document Legalization and Document Authentication. 

Should you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact us via 27120032910 or email us on . We are based in Pretoria the capital city and have access to most embassies and consulates in South Africa. 



Choosing a recognised DHET Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate February 3, 2016 10:00

From time to time we have candidates who have completed studies on a tertiary level and have a degree/diploma/certificate from a private institute in South Africa. Prior to studying we would advise that you ensure that the institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), should you wish to have a recognized qualification. This is important to consider particularly if you plan to work abroad or even within South Africa. Having a qualification with no recognition is a waste of time and money, unless it is job based training. It is also important to note that institutions that are either government funded (UNISA, UCT, UKZN etc.) or are private and have registered their degrees (Please check per course as this may differ on a course by course basis) such as Damelin, have certain standards that they need to adhere too. This ensures that your degree is recognised. Note that there are also Country Educational Profiles (CEP) that determine the standard of an institution. This applies to the UK and Australia. 

The Middle East countries require that tertiary qualifications are registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for document attestation purposes. The DHET has a list (last updated in 2014) of all registered courses from various private institutions. 

Note that the DHET requires institutions to follow various standards. If the institution is not registered then DHET has no interest nor mandate to sign or confirm the institution is under its authority. Therefore please do not have unreasonable expectations to get a non registered institution, to be stamped by this Government department. 

For certain international courses (such as Microsoft or CISCO) we may be able to use the Notary to attest the documents. Please contact us so that we can advise further either email us using or call +27120032910. 



Pay with VISA/ MasterCard for Document Attestation South Africa January 27, 2016 10:00

We have 2 payment options for our Document Attestation clients. One is the typical EFT payment from a South African bank into our bank or a Visa/ MasterCard payment option. Using the Visa/ MasterCard option provides the customer with ease of use, particularly when paying from a foreign bank account. There is no need to make SWIFT payments or to transfer to a SA bank which is cumbersome and time consuming waiting for banking clearances.

It also allows clients who may need to make larger payments, to do so on their credit cards. This can be helpful, particularly at the end of a month or prior to emigrating when many unforeseen expenses occur. We hope that by creating this payment option (Visa/ MasterCard) it will make payment for Document Attestation in South Africa, easier for our clients abroad and locally. 


 The customer receives an instant notification from PayFast (  regarding the payment and we are able to complete the attestation process quicker. 

Should you require any Document Attestation assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to assist. Phone: 27120032910 or email : 

Easy Emigration destinations for South Africans January 13, 2016 10:00

With the decreasing employment rate, political instability, Rand instability and other reasons 2016 will be a year of either emigration or at least considering emigration. We assist South Africans with all document attestation requirements for the following countries(and cities for those who are not familiar): UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar (Doha). Emigrating to the middle east is a temporary relocation as you can not become a citizen of these countries. So you will remain an expat even if you end up staying for 10- 20 years. 

All the above countries have a high standard of living. Pay (depending on your contract) is lucrative and the working hours are generally good. The labour laws do differ, unlike in western countries there is a zero tolerance for striking and other labour disputes, which can be good depending on how you perceive this. 

Some of the countries are allowing expats the opportunity to buy apartments, thus owning land in these countries is now an option. Also, as a foreigner you can set up a company in these countries and trade from a competitive platform. 

The standard of living is on the whole, very good. Expat lifestyles in the middle east are difficult to beat even if your emigrated to a Western country such as the US or Australia. 

Obtaining a Visa is based on the employer. So if you can find a job it is pretty straight forward to relocate. The only requirements is then to get your South African documents attested/ Legalised. We are experts in this field and will be able to assist you without much delay. 

Document Attestation of a South African Degree for the UAE December 10, 2015 13:57

For those South Africans looking to work abroad as a expat in the Middle East the first step is to attest your Degree/ Diploma. Firstly you would need to check the status of your Degree/ Diploma to see whether it is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Check the following website:

Obviously, most SA government institutions will be registered- University of Pretoria, UCT, University of Stellenbosch, UNISA and the Technology Universities such as TUT, CPUT & DUT. 

If your qualification meets the list above (or is a mainline Gov institution) then it can be attested by the DHET in Pretoria. See the following steps: 

1. Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

The department will stamp a copy of your qualification and create a cover page which is then used in the next step. 

2. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)

DIRCO will accept the letter from the authorised official from DIRCO. They will then issue their cover letter and will bind the document. This is ready to be taken to the Embassy if required. Note that if the embassy is a Haque convention country this is the last step. If it is not part of the Haque convention it will be "Authenticated" and taken to the relevant embassy. 

3. Embassy (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc.)

The final stage in the Document Attestation process is to take the document to the relevant embassy to get an embassy stamp. In the case of the UAE, payment must be made via an EFT. All other embassies are on a cash only basis. Charges vary from embassy to embassy. 

This is a critical step in ensuring that the documents are attested and to ensure that your employer (say in the UAE) can then issue you with a working VISA for the skills and qualification you possess. Should you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: +27(0)12 003 2910 or via email: 


Marriage Certificate Attestation for the UAE November 30, 2015 13:46

If you are considering emigrating to the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and would like to get a spouse visa you would need to prove your marriage. This can be done by getting your marriage documents attested. As the UAE is a non Hague member state, the method is an Authentication and then a stamp at the embassy. This is a requirement for the attestation of a Marriage Certificate for the UAE. 

The process for a marriage attestation can be done in 2 ways:

1. Original- Notary Copy- High Court- DIRCO/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy. (*we recommend this as you do not consume the original in the process)

2. Original- DIRCO/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy 

We can assist with this process and complete it within 2-3 working days. Anderson Document Attestation accepts Visa and MasterCards and uses DHL to ensure quality service delivery. Have a look at our pricing . You can contact us via email: or phone 012 003 2910. 





Document Attestation for the UAE November 26, 2015 09:00

Anderson Document Attestation assists clients with the Attestation of their documents for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our turnaround time is typically 2-3 working days from when we receive the documents. 

We can assist with the following documents:

- Birth Certificate Attestations

- Marriage Certificate Attestations

- Degree/ Diploma Attestations

- Driver License Attestations

- Matric Attestations

The process would typically involve:

1. Notary Attorney- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy in South Africa

2. Highest Authority for document (Degrees- DHET; Matric- Umalusi/DOE; Road Management etc)- DIRCO- UAE Embassy in South Africa 

The UAE embassy typically will take the documents overnight and they will be attested by the following working day. Anderson Document Attestation offers competitively prices Document Attestation services for the UAE for South Africans. 

See the quote from a satisfied client: 

"When we heard document attestation we were overwhelmed. After phoning around to various companies, it was clear that Anderson Consulting definitely were the best and only choice. Mr Anderson were very helpful, addressed all our concerns, standard of customer service are superb & their services are very affordable. We were kept updated throughout the entire process and everything was done quickly! Less than a week and all documentation were attested and delivered!! Anderson Consulting is definitely the only company to use whenever you have documentation that needs to be attested!! Mr & Mrs Immelman" SurveyMonkey Conducted 20-10-2015

Should you require assistance please contact us. 

Phone: 012 003 2910 or via Email: