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School Transfer Document Attestation for the UAE December 22, 2015 10:30

When moving to the United Arab Emirates with school kids, you would need to consider attesting school transfer documents and reports for usage in primary or secondary schools in the UAE. Note that the school terms in the UAE are based on the British terms and moving kids from South African school may lose 6 months of schooling time, in the process. There are also other factors which need to be considered, noting that the medium of instruction is in English. 

School transfer document attestation process for the UAE (similar for other Middle East Countries) :

1. Signed Letter (on official letterhead) from school principal/school transfer document

2. Signed letter from Local Education Government department official/ Independant school body (ISSASA or IEB) - stating school name and EMIS (Gov)/ Membership (Ind) number. 

3. Letter from the Department of Basic Education in Pretoria

4. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO/ South African Foreign Affairs

5. UAE Document Attestation of the document

Anderson Document Attestation can assist with this process from steps 3-5 onward. The most difficult stage is if the school is a government school and being able to locate the Local Education official and to request they write the letter.

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