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Marriage Attestation for Qatar April 19, 2016 10:30

Marriage Attestation for Qatar- South Africans

Should you be considering emigrating to Qatar for work purposes and you are married, you will need to attest your marriage certificate. There are several different versions of the marriage certificate which can be attested.

These are:

1. The original Marriage certificate issued by the marriage officer registered with the Department of Home Affairs with his/her signature. 

2. The customary Marriage certificate- For Example Islamic Marriage Officer. 

3. Abridged Marriage Certificate

4. Unabridged Marriage Certificate (Turnaround from Home Affairs is several months)

Currently Qatar (and other Middle East countries) accept a Notorized version of all of the above formats. The document process for attestation of a Marriage certificate would be as follows:

Original- Notary copy- High Court- DIRCO (Foreign Affairs)- Qatar Embassy Marriage Attestation

The costs currently (see date of Blog) are R180 per page. Each page the Qatar embassy charges R180 per page. For a Marriage attestation there will be approximately 5 pages.Payments are in cash and the document turnaround is approximately 3 working days from when you hand in at the Qatar Embassy. 

Should you require assistance contact us. 

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