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Over 700 Deliveries- Document Attestation South Africa November 12, 2015 13:40

Anderson Consulting Celebrated over 700 successful deliveries for various clients within South Africa and abroad. Together with DHL, our supplier, we have been able to deliver documents to various countries abroad. Anderson Consulting strives to continue to ensure high levels of service to our clients. Our focus is to ensure that we are responsive to our clients needs, are competently able to perform these tasks as efficiently as possible. 

Anderson Consulting Operational Team

Over this period we have updated our systems to ensure better tracking, allow clients to order online (ensuring the address and contact number are accurate), we've introduced online payment facilities. On average it takes about 2-3 days for us to complete attestations. We strive to be as efficient as possible using simple but effective processes to ensure that we prevent any issues with documents. We continue to research and find better ways to serve our clients. 

We hope to provide continued services to our clients and to grow in our service offerings. Should you have any queries feel free to contact us. Call: 012 003 2910 or Email: 

Anderson Consulting decides to Shopify... August 25, 2015 12:03

We decided that as a company we needed to streamline or internal processes to ensure that we could better serve our growing client base. So, we have created a Shopify Site. This allows customers to purchase online using their VISA/ MaterCards and EFT transfers. We then get accurate address information and clients have the freedom to choose different products and services we offer. By using this system we are able to on average speed up the process by a day. This is because the payments are automated and we are then able to focus on serving our clients efficiently. 

Currently Anderson Consulting focuses on Document Attestation for the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We will also be adding further services and products to our portfolio to be able to serve our clients better. 

We can be contacted 8-5pm Monday to Friday.

+2712 003 2910