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Easy Emigration destinations for South Africans January 13, 2016 10:00

With the decreasing employment rate, political instability, Rand instability and other reasons 2016 will be a year of either emigration or at least considering emigration. We assist South Africans with all document attestation requirements for the following countries(and cities for those who are not familiar): UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar (Doha). Emigrating to the middle east is a temporary relocation as you can not become a citizen of these countries. So you will remain an expat even if you end up staying for 10- 20 years. 

All the above countries have a high standard of living. Pay (depending on your contract) is lucrative and the working hours are generally good. The labour laws do differ, unlike in western countries there is a zero tolerance for striking and other labour disputes, which can be good depending on how you perceive this. 

Some of the countries are allowing expats the opportunity to buy apartments, thus owning land in these countries is now an option. Also, as a foreigner you can set up a company in these countries and trade from a competitive platform. 

The standard of living is on the whole, very good. Expat lifestyles in the middle east are difficult to beat even if your emigrated to a Western country such as the US or Australia. 

Obtaining a Visa is based on the employer. So if you can find a job it is pretty straight forward to relocate. The only requirements is then to get your South African documents attested/ Legalised. We are experts in this field and will be able to assist you without much delay. 

School Transfer Document Attestation for the UAE December 22, 2015 10:30

When moving to the United Arab Emirates with school kids, you would need to consider attesting school transfer documents and reports for usage in primary or secondary schools in the UAE. Note that the school terms in the UAE are based on the British terms and moving kids from South African school may lose 6 months of schooling time, in the process. There are also other factors which need to be considered, noting that the medium of instruction is in English. 

School transfer document attestation process for the UAE (similar for other Middle East Countries) :

1. Signed Letter (on official letterhead) from school principal/school transfer document

2. Signed letter from Local Education Government department official/ Independant school body (ISSASA or IEB) - stating school name and EMIS (Gov)/ Membership (Ind) number. 

3. Letter from the Department of Basic Education in Pretoria

4. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO/ South African Foreign Affairs

5. UAE Document Attestation of the document

Anderson Document Attestation can assist with this process from steps 3-5 onward. The most difficult stage is if the school is a government school and being able to locate the Local Education official and to request they write the letter.

Check out the prices on: 

Should you require further clarrification contact us via email: or call +27 12 003 2910. 





Document Attestation of a South African Degree for the UAE December 10, 2015 13:57

For those South Africans looking to work abroad as a expat in the Middle East the first step is to attest your Degree/ Diploma. Firstly you would need to check the status of your Degree/ Diploma to see whether it is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Check the following website:

Obviously, most SA government institutions will be registered- University of Pretoria, UCT, University of Stellenbosch, UNISA and the Technology Universities such as TUT, CPUT & DUT. 

If your qualification meets the list above (or is a mainline Gov institution) then it can be attested by the DHET in Pretoria. See the following steps: 

1. Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

The department will stamp a copy of your qualification and create a cover page which is then used in the next step. 

2. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)

DIRCO will accept the letter from the authorised official from DIRCO. They will then issue their cover letter and will bind the document. This is ready to be taken to the Embassy if required. Note that if the embassy is a Haque convention country this is the last step. If it is not part of the Haque convention it will be "Authenticated" and taken to the relevant embassy. 

3. Embassy (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc.)

The final stage in the Document Attestation process is to take the document to the relevant embassy to get an embassy stamp. In the case of the UAE, payment must be made via an EFT. All other embassies are on a cash only basis. Charges vary from embassy to embassy. 

This is a critical step in ensuring that the documents are attested and to ensure that your employer (say in the UAE) can then issue you with a working VISA for the skills and qualification you possess. Should you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: +27(0)12 003 2910 or via email: 


Birth Certificate Attestation for the UAE December 2, 2015 11:24

If you are a South African (Meaning your kids were born in South Africa)family that is emmigrating to the UAE, your children will require that their Birth Certificates are attested by the UAE embassy in Pretoria. This is so that they can be issued with a visa to stay in the UAE. There are two document routes for Attesting South Africa Birth Certificates for the UAE:

1. Original Unabridged Birth Certificate- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)- UAE embassy. (The original is consumed in the process)

2. Original- Notary version- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)

Should you have children who are at school (Grade1-Grade12) you may also need to complete a school transfer attestation: 

Anderson Consulting/ Document Attestation can attest your documents in 2-3 business days. Anderson Doccument Services accepts Visa/ MasterCard Payment using and can also accept bank deposits. Please view : for the costing of the Birth Certificate Attestation. NB. This is only for South African Birth Certificates. Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone 012 003 2910. 


Document Attestation for the UAE November 26, 2015 09:00

Anderson Document Attestation assists clients with the Attestation of their documents for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our turnaround time is typically 2-3 working days from when we receive the documents. 

We can assist with the following documents:

- Birth Certificate Attestations

- Marriage Certificate Attestations

- Degree/ Diploma Attestations

- Driver License Attestations

- Matric Attestations

The process would typically involve:

1. Notary Attorney- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy in South Africa

2. Highest Authority for document (Degrees- DHET; Matric- Umalusi/DOE; Road Management etc)- DIRCO- UAE Embassy in South Africa 

The UAE embassy typically will take the documents overnight and they will be attested by the following working day. Anderson Document Attestation offers competitively prices Document Attestation services for the UAE for South Africans. 

See the quote from a satisfied client: 

"When we heard document attestation we were overwhelmed. After phoning around to various companies, it was clear that Anderson Consulting definitely were the best and only choice. Mr Anderson were very helpful, addressed all our concerns, standard of customer service are superb & their services are very affordable. We were kept updated throughout the entire process and everything was done quickly! Less than a week and all documentation were attested and delivered!! Anderson Consulting is definitely the only company to use whenever you have documentation that needs to be attested!! Mr & Mrs Immelman" SurveyMonkey Conducted 20-10-2015

Should you require assistance please contact us. 

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