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Chinese Document Attestation/ Authentication May 11, 2016 10:00

Chinese Document Attestation/ Authentication

Should you be moving to China to work you would require various documents to be authenticated. China is not part of the Hague convention (apostille) and therefore the documents need to be Authenticated and then stamped/legalized by the Chinese consulate in South Africa. 

The Chinese degree certificate authentication document process is as follows:

1.Original Degree Presented (copy is stamped)-

2.Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)-

3. Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO)-

4. Embassy/Consulate

The Chinese Notary Certificate Authentication document process is as follows: 

1. Original Birth, Marriage, Agreement

2. Notary Attorney (South African)

3. High Court

4. Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO)

5. Embassy/ Consulate

After the documents are handed in to the embassy there is a 4 day turnaround from the embassy. For document requirements please check the following website: 

Each document (for a civil/ personal document) is currently charged at R250. For a business document the pricing is +- R600 per documents. 

Notary/ Authentication Application form: 

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