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Birth Certificate Attestation for the UAE December 2, 2015 11:24

If you are a South African (Meaning your kids were born in South Africa)family that is emmigrating to the UAE, your children will require that their Birth Certificates are attested by the UAE embassy in Pretoria. This is so that they can be issued with a visa to stay in the UAE. There are two document routes for Attesting South Africa Birth Certificates for the UAE:

1. Original Unabridged Birth Certificate- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)- UAE embassy. (The original is consumed in the process)

2. Original- Notary version- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)

Should you have children who are at school (Grade1-Grade12) you may also need to complete a school transfer attestation: 

Anderson Consulting/ Document Attestation can attest your documents in 2-3 business days. Anderson Doccument Services accepts Visa/ MasterCard Payment using and can also accept bank deposits. Please view : for the costing of the Birth Certificate Attestation. NB. This is only for South African Birth Certificates. Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone 012 003 2910.