Can I process attestation of my diploma here in UAE? February 5, 2016 09:00

The attestation of documents needs to take place in the country of the documents origin. This means that if you studied a Degree/ Diploma, lets say in South Africa, that degree needs to be attested in South Africa. The same would apply for official documents such as marriage and birth documents. 

The process thus needs to be done using the correct process for the country. In South Africa, depending on the document route it would go to the highest authority for the given document they would issue a cover page attesting to the fact that the document is authorized by them. After this point the document would go to the countries Foreign Affairs department (In South Africa they have a long name- Department of International Relations and Co operation). It then needs to go to the embassy (in the country of where the document originates) and they authorize the documents. 

This process is known as Document attestation, Document Legalization and Document Authentication. 

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