Pay with VISA/ MasterCard for Document Attestation South Africa January 27, 2016 10:00

We have 2 payment options for our Document Attestation clients. One is the typical EFT payment from a South African bank into our bank or a Visa/ MasterCard payment option. Using the Visa/ MasterCard option provides the customer with ease of use, particularly when paying from a foreign bank account. There is no need to make SWIFT payments or to transfer to a SA bank which is cumbersome and time consuming waiting for banking clearances.

It also allows clients who may need to make larger payments, to do so on their credit cards. This can be helpful, particularly at the end of a month or prior to emigrating when many unforeseen expenses occur. We hope that by creating this payment option (Visa/ MasterCard) it will make payment for Document Attestation in South Africa, easier for our clients abroad and locally. 


 The customer receives an instant notification from PayFast (  regarding the payment and we are able to complete the attestation process quicker. 

Should you require any Document Attestation assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to assist. Phone: 27120032910 or email :