Attestation, Apostille, Authentication and Legalisation of Documents for Overseas Work opportunities Revised November 24, 2015 14:02

Anderson Consulting offers a service that assists those to get their documents attested in a few days. When applying for work opportunities in foreign Countries potential employers may request that key documents such as: Marriage certificates, Degrees or Trade Certificates,Professional Memberships (Teaching, Medical, Accountants and Engineers) and other documents may need to have an Apostille Certificate (where countries are party to The Hague Convention) or a Certificate of Authentication (where countries are not party to The Hague Convention). 

Should the country not be part of the Hague convention then the document will also need to be  legalized by that Country’s (UAE etc) embassy.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar are examples of countries that do not form part of the Hague Convention. An  Apostille document (Mainly EU and US) is a shorter process and does not require further legalization at a country’s embassy.


Typical Document route for:

Official document route ( 5steps in Process)

1. Notary attorney

2. High court

3. Department of foreign affairs/ DIRCO

4. Embassy

5. Returned to Person via DHL/ Postnet.

Degree route (4 steps in Process)

1. Department of Higher Education

2. Department of foreign affairs/ DIRCO

3. Embassy

4. Returned to Person via DHL/ Postnet.


Please see some of the websites and pages regarding  Apostille, Legalisation, Notarization and Authentication of Documents. Anderson Consulting is situated in Pretoria and are able to assist South Africans in getting their  documents Authenticated for employment purposes.


Department of Higher Education and Training (Pretoria)


Department of International Relations and Co- operation (Pretoria)


Police Clearance Certificates


Anderson Document Attestation is based in Pretoria with easy access to the High Court, National Government Departments and most embassies and consulates. We ensure that documents are completed on time ensuring a top quality service. 

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