Turnaround times to remember when emigrating from South Africa November 24, 2015 13:37

The emigration process is time consuming and requires preparation of various documents before a VISA application can be made. This depends on the document requirements for the specific country. We thought we'd share a few time lines to help people prepare for their VISA's. 

- Birth Certificate  +- 15 Business Days

- Marriage Certificate +-20-30 Business Days

- SAPS Police Clearance Certificates 15-21 Business Days

- Replacement Matric 6 Weeks

- Replacement degrees 1-4 weeks Institution Dependent

- Document Attestation (Non Hague Countries)/ Apostille 2-3 Days 

- Embassy Certifications (overnight) 

We assist candidates with their embassy and attestation requirements. We have assisted (and are not limited too) UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. Middle East typically issue their VISA's through a company sponsor. The main difference is that persons cannot become citizens of these countries, if they have stayed their for several years. 

We can also assist with EU document requirements and for document certification that may be required by countries such as Australia and New Zealand. 

Anderson Document Attestation Services is willing to assist.

Contact us: 012 0032910 or via email: estimate@documentattestation.co.za