Degree Attestation for Qatar April 26, 2016 11:30

University Degree Attestation for Qatar- South Africans

Should you be considering employment in Qatar the first step of emigration is to prove your educational qualifications. This is known as a degree attestation. This is a standard procedure and requirement from Qatari companies. Typically you require a completed degree (we have had the occasional request for incomplete degrees!) and it must be from a recognized institution. South African Higher institutions, private included, need to have their courses (Diplomas, Certificates and Degrees) registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

In addition to this, the Qatar Embassy in Pretoria, you must present your statement of results (aka Academic Transcript) to the relevant Authorities. 

The Document process is as follows:

Original Degree (presented with copies) - DHET- DIRCO (Foreign Affairs)- Qatar Embassy Attestation

Each page is R180 (Date of blog-subject to change due to fluctuating Rand/US Dollar Exchange)Charge by the Qatar Embassy for the Document Attestation. Typically for a degree, transcript and additional pages there would be approximately 8 pages. 

The turnaround for this is typically 3 working days and the embassy will then allow you to collect after 14h00. 

We offer this as a service please contact us for further details. 

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