Certificate Attestation South Africa April 4, 2016 09:30

Certificate Attestation South Africa

Certificate attestation in South Africa requires the original degree to be used in the document attestation process. Typically the certificate attestation, as an example a degree, needs to be taken to the relevant authority of that certificate. A degree in our example would be taken to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), provided it is a degree registered with them they will issue a cover page which validates the degree. This is then taken to the Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO) and then to the relevant embassy. 

Certificate Attestation Process:

1. Original- Authorized institution- DIRCO- Embassy

Example Institutions and example document types:

1. Department of Higher Education and Training- Degrees, Diplomas etc. 

2. Department of Basic Education- Matric Certificates, School Transfer Documentation

3. Umalusi (Matric post 1992)- Matric Attestations

4. SAPS Criminal Records Bureau- Police Clearance Certificates 

5. Department of Home Affairs- Marriage, Birth, Adoption Etc. (Note that this can also be Notorized. if it is handed into DIRCO directly the document will form part of the attestation and cannot be reused- if you Notorised it can be re-used)

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