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Revised Qatar Degree Attestation Process June 10, 2016 10:12

An update on the Qatar Degree Attestation Process for South Africans wanting to work in Qatar. 

Due to the high levels of fraud the Qatar Ministry of Foreign affairs requires an additional letter to accompany the degree and statement of results attestation. The process to attest is as follows (2 options):

Department of Higher Education (Recommended route):

1. Department of Higher Education (DHET) stamp original

Document Requirements: Original Degree, Statement of results(transcript), Letter from university (see 

2. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)

3. Qatar Embassy (2-5 days processing period)

Notary Attestation Process:

1. Notary Attorney

2. High Court

3. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)

4. Qatar Embassy (2-5 days processing period)

The process may be challenging with some of the university insitutions in South Africa. Please provide all correct documents prior to the process. 


Information that is required in the University Letter (on an official letterhead):


 Qatar Letter


 Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Chinese Document Attestation/ Authentication May 11, 2016 10:00

Chinese Document Attestation/ Authentication

Should you be moving to China to work you would require various documents to be authenticated. China is not part of the Hague convention (apostille) and therefore the documents need to be Authenticated and then stamped/legalized by the Chinese consulate in South Africa. 

The Chinese degree certificate authentication document process is as follows:

1.Original Degree Presented (copy is stamped)-

2.Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)-

3. Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO)-

4. Embassy/Consulate

The Chinese Notary Certificate Authentication document process is as follows: 

1. Original Birth, Marriage, Agreement

2. Notary Attorney (South African)

3. High Court

4. Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO)

5. Embassy/ Consulate

After the documents are handed in to the embassy there is a 4 day turnaround from the embassy. For document requirements please check the following website: 

Each document (for a civil/ personal document) is currently charged at R250. For a business document the pricing is +- R600 per documents. 

Notary/ Authentication Application form: 

We offer the complete service. Please contact us for further information. 


Phone: +(27)12 0032910

For our pricing information please visit: 





Birth Certificate Qatar Attestation May 4, 2016 10:00

Birth Certificate Qatar Attestation

Should you be moving to Qatar from South Africa and have children you will need to get their Birth Certificates Attested at the Qatar Embassy in Pretoria in order for them to be sponsored by the primary sponsor (the person getting the job). The Qatar Embassy charges R180 per page (subject to change). Typically there will be about 5 pages that will be attested. 

The Qatar Birth Certificate Attestation document process is as follows:

Original- Notary Attorney (Copy is stamped)- High Court- DIRCO (Foreign Affairs)- Qatar Embassy Pretoria

There are a few South African birth certificate variations. However, due to the new travel laws all Minors travelling to South Africa or leaving South Africa require an Unabridged Birth Certificate in addition to their passports (regardless of Nationality). Therefore we recommend that you get an unabridged birth certificate. 

In terms of the Unabridged Birth Certificate applications, these need to made at a Home Affairs Department or at a South African Embassy if you are abroad. The turnaround time varies and is inconsistent from 2 weeks to 8 months. 

We offer a Birth Certificate Attestation for Qatar and offer discounts for families who attest several documents. 

Contact us for further information or order online:


Degree Attestation for Qatar April 26, 2016 11:30

University Degree Attestation for Qatar- South Africans

Should you be considering employment in Qatar the first step of emigration is to prove your educational qualifications. This is known as a degree attestation. This is a standard procedure and requirement from Qatari companies. Typically you require a completed degree (we have had the occasional request for incomplete degrees!) and it must be from a recognized institution. South African Higher institutions, private included, need to have their courses (Diplomas, Certificates and Degrees) registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

In addition to this, the Qatar Embassy in Pretoria, you must present your statement of results (aka Academic Transcript) to the relevant Authorities. 

The Document process is as follows:

Original Degree (presented with copies) - DHET- DIRCO (Foreign Affairs)- Qatar Embassy Attestation

Each page is R180 (Date of blog-subject to change due to fluctuating Rand/US Dollar Exchange)Charge by the Qatar Embassy for the Document Attestation. Typically for a degree, transcript and additional pages there would be approximately 8 pages. 

The turnaround for this is typically 3 working days and the embassy will then allow you to collect after 14h00. 

We offer this as a service please contact us for further details. 

You can also see our pricing:

Marriage Attestation for Qatar April 19, 2016 10:30

Marriage Attestation for Qatar- South Africans

Should you be considering emigrating to Qatar for work purposes and you are married, you will need to attest your marriage certificate. There are several different versions of the marriage certificate which can be attested.

These are:

1. The original Marriage certificate issued by the marriage officer registered with the Department of Home Affairs with his/her signature. 

2. The customary Marriage certificate- For Example Islamic Marriage Officer. 

3. Abridged Marriage Certificate

4. Unabridged Marriage Certificate (Turnaround from Home Affairs is several months)

Currently Qatar (and other Middle East countries) accept a Notorized version of all of the above formats. The document process for attestation of a Marriage certificate would be as follows:

Original- Notary copy- High Court- DIRCO (Foreign Affairs)- Qatar Embassy Marriage Attestation

The costs currently (see date of Blog) are R180 per page. Each page the Qatar embassy charges R180 per page. For a Marriage attestation there will be approximately 5 pages.Payments are in cash and the document turnaround is approximately 3 working days from when you hand in at the Qatar Embassy. 

Should you require assistance contact us. 

For pricing of a Qatar Marriage Attestation please visit:


Attesting documents in Cape Town or Durban April 12, 2016 10:00

Attestation of documents in Cape Town or Durban

Majority of the document attestation process has to be completed in Pretoria. This is due to all South African National Government Departments, The Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO- Foreign Affairs) and most embassies (all Middle East) are situated in Pretoria. 

We offer a start to finish solution of taking all necessary documents, once you have couriered them using DHL or Postnet (NOT South African Post Office!!!), to the relevant authorities based in Pretoria and then to the relevant embassy. Most embassies keep the documents overnight or for several or more days. 

We make use of a professional motorbike delivery service whilst offering various payment options, such as being able to use a credit card. We then scan the end product and courier this product to the address you have supplied in the order process. 

Total turnaround is 2-3 days. 

For further information regarding our services visit our product/ service gallery:

Certificate Attestation South Africa April 4, 2016 09:30

Certificate Attestation South Africa

Certificate attestation in South Africa requires the original degree to be used in the document attestation process. Typically the certificate attestation, as an example a degree, needs to be taken to the relevant authority of that certificate. A degree in our example would be taken to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), provided it is a degree registered with them they will issue a cover page which validates the degree. This is then taken to the Department of International Relations and Co Operation (DIRCO) and then to the relevant embassy. 

Certificate Attestation Process:

1. Original- Authorized institution- DIRCO- Embassy

Example Institutions and example document types:

1. Department of Higher Education and Training- Degrees, Diplomas etc. 

2. Department of Basic Education- Matric Certificates, School Transfer Documentation

3. Umalusi (Matric post 1992)- Matric Attestations

4. SAPS Criminal Records Bureau- Police Clearance Certificates 

5. Department of Home Affairs- Marriage, Birth, Adoption Etc. (Note that this can also be Notorized. if it is handed into DIRCO directly the document will form part of the attestation and cannot be reused- if you Notorised it can be re-used)

For further information visit our products/ services page:




Can I process attestation of my diploma here in UAE? February 5, 2016 09:00

The attestation of documents needs to take place in the country of the documents origin. This means that if you studied a Degree/ Diploma, lets say in South Africa, that degree needs to be attested in South Africa. The same would apply for official documents such as marriage and birth documents. 

The process thus needs to be done using the correct process for the country. In South Africa, depending on the document route it would go to the highest authority for the given document they would issue a cover page attesting to the fact that the document is authorized by them. After this point the document would go to the countries Foreign Affairs department (In South Africa they have a long name- Department of International Relations and Co operation). It then needs to go to the embassy (in the country of where the document originates) and they authorize the documents. 

This process is known as Document attestation, Document Legalization and Document Authentication. 

Should you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact us via 27120032910 or email us on . We are based in Pretoria the capital city and have access to most embassies and consulates in South Africa. 



Choosing a recognised DHET Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate February 3, 2016 10:00

From time to time we have candidates who have completed studies on a tertiary level and have a degree/diploma/certificate from a private institute in South Africa. Prior to studying we would advise that you ensure that the institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), should you wish to have a recognized qualification. This is important to consider particularly if you plan to work abroad or even within South Africa. Having a qualification with no recognition is a waste of time and money, unless it is job based training. It is also important to note that institutions that are either government funded (UNISA, UCT, UKZN etc.) or are private and have registered their degrees (Please check per course as this may differ on a course by course basis) such as Damelin, have certain standards that they need to adhere too. This ensures that your degree is recognised. Note that there are also Country Educational Profiles (CEP) that determine the standard of an institution. This applies to the UK and Australia. 

The Middle East countries require that tertiary qualifications are registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for document attestation purposes. The DHET has a list (last updated in 2014) of all registered courses from various private institutions. 

Note that the DHET requires institutions to follow various standards. If the institution is not registered then DHET has no interest nor mandate to sign or confirm the institution is under its authority. Therefore please do not have unreasonable expectations to get a non registered institution, to be stamped by this Government department. 

For certain international courses (such as Microsoft or CISCO) we may be able to use the Notary to attest the documents. Please contact us so that we can advise further either email us using or call +27120032910. 



Pay with VISA/ MasterCard for Document Attestation South Africa January 27, 2016 10:00

We have 2 payment options for our Document Attestation clients. One is the typical EFT payment from a South African bank into our bank or a Visa/ MasterCard payment option. Using the Visa/ MasterCard option provides the customer with ease of use, particularly when paying from a foreign bank account. There is no need to make SWIFT payments or to transfer to a SA bank which is cumbersome and time consuming waiting for banking clearances.

It also allows clients who may need to make larger payments, to do so on their credit cards. This can be helpful, particularly at the end of a month or prior to emigrating when many unforeseen expenses occur. We hope that by creating this payment option (Visa/ MasterCard) it will make payment for Document Attestation in South Africa, easier for our clients abroad and locally. 


 The customer receives an instant notification from PayFast (  regarding the payment and we are able to complete the attestation process quicker. 

Should you require any Document Attestation assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to assist. Phone: 27120032910 or email : 

Easy Emigration destinations for South Africans January 13, 2016 10:00

With the decreasing employment rate, political instability, Rand instability and other reasons 2016 will be a year of either emigration or at least considering emigration. We assist South Africans with all document attestation requirements for the following countries(and cities for those who are not familiar): UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar (Doha). Emigrating to the middle east is a temporary relocation as you can not become a citizen of these countries. So you will remain an expat even if you end up staying for 10- 20 years. 

All the above countries have a high standard of living. Pay (depending on your contract) is lucrative and the working hours are generally good. The labour laws do differ, unlike in western countries there is a zero tolerance for striking and other labour disputes, which can be good depending on how you perceive this. 

Some of the countries are allowing expats the opportunity to buy apartments, thus owning land in these countries is now an option. Also, as a foreigner you can set up a company in these countries and trade from a competitive platform. 

The standard of living is on the whole, very good. Expat lifestyles in the middle east are difficult to beat even if your emigrated to a Western country such as the US or Australia. 

Obtaining a Visa is based on the employer. So if you can find a job it is pretty straight forward to relocate. The only requirements is then to get your South African documents attested/ Legalised. We are experts in this field and will be able to assist you without much delay. 

School Transfer Document Attestation for the UAE December 22, 2015 10:30

When moving to the United Arab Emirates with school kids, you would need to consider attesting school transfer documents and reports for usage in primary or secondary schools in the UAE. Note that the school terms in the UAE are based on the British terms and moving kids from South African school may lose 6 months of schooling time, in the process. There are also other factors which need to be considered, noting that the medium of instruction is in English. 

School transfer document attestation process for the UAE (similar for other Middle East Countries) :

1. Signed Letter (on official letterhead) from school principal/school transfer document

2. Signed letter from Local Education Government department official/ Independant school body (ISSASA or IEB) - stating school name and EMIS (Gov)/ Membership (Ind) number. 

3. Letter from the Department of Basic Education in Pretoria

4. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO/ South African Foreign Affairs

5. UAE Document Attestation of the document

Anderson Document Attestation can assist with this process from steps 3-5 onward. The most difficult stage is if the school is a government school and being able to locate the Local Education official and to request they write the letter.

Check out the prices on: 

Should you require further clarrification contact us via email: or call +27 12 003 2910. 





Document Attestation of a South African Degree for the UAE December 10, 2015 13:57

For those South Africans looking to work abroad as a expat in the Middle East the first step is to attest your Degree/ Diploma. Firstly you would need to check the status of your Degree/ Diploma to see whether it is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Check the following website:

Obviously, most SA government institutions will be registered- University of Pretoria, UCT, University of Stellenbosch, UNISA and the Technology Universities such as TUT, CPUT & DUT. 

If your qualification meets the list above (or is a mainline Gov institution) then it can be attested by the DHET in Pretoria. See the following steps: 

1. Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

The department will stamp a copy of your qualification and create a cover page which is then used in the next step. 

2. Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)

DIRCO will accept the letter from the authorised official from DIRCO. They will then issue their cover letter and will bind the document. This is ready to be taken to the Embassy if required. Note that if the embassy is a Haque convention country this is the last step. If it is not part of the Haque convention it will be "Authenticated" and taken to the relevant embassy. 

3. Embassy (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc.)

The final stage in the Document Attestation process is to take the document to the relevant embassy to get an embassy stamp. In the case of the UAE, payment must be made via an EFT. All other embassies are on a cash only basis. Charges vary from embassy to embassy. 

This is a critical step in ensuring that the documents are attested and to ensure that your employer (say in the UAE) can then issue you with a working VISA for the skills and qualification you possess. Should you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: +27(0)12 003 2910 or via email: 


Birth Certificate Attestation for the UAE December 2, 2015 11:24

If you are a South African (Meaning your kids were born in South Africa)family that is emmigrating to the UAE, your children will require that their Birth Certificates are attested by the UAE embassy in Pretoria. This is so that they can be issued with a visa to stay in the UAE. There are two document routes for Attesting South Africa Birth Certificates for the UAE:

1. Original Unabridged Birth Certificate- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)- UAE embassy. (The original is consumed in the process)

2. Original- Notary version- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co- Operation (DIRCO)

Should you have children who are at school (Grade1-Grade12) you may also need to complete a school transfer attestation: 

Anderson Consulting/ Document Attestation can attest your documents in 2-3 business days. Anderson Doccument Services accepts Visa/ MasterCard Payment using and can also accept bank deposits. Please view : for the costing of the Birth Certificate Attestation. NB. This is only for South African Birth Certificates. Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone 012 003 2910. 


Marriage Certificate Attestation for the UAE November 30, 2015 13:46

If you are considering emigrating to the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and would like to get a spouse visa you would need to prove your marriage. This can be done by getting your marriage documents attested. As the UAE is a non Hague member state, the method is an Authentication and then a stamp at the embassy. This is a requirement for the attestation of a Marriage Certificate for the UAE. 

The process for a marriage attestation can be done in 2 ways:

1. Original- Notary Copy- High Court- DIRCO/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy. (*we recommend this as you do not consume the original in the process)

2. Original- DIRCO/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy 

We can assist with this process and complete it within 2-3 working days. Anderson Document Attestation accepts Visa and MasterCards and uses DHL to ensure quality service delivery. Have a look at our pricing . You can contact us via email: or phone 012 003 2910. 





Document Attestation for the UAE November 26, 2015 09:00

Anderson Document Attestation assists clients with the Attestation of their documents for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our turnaround time is typically 2-3 working days from when we receive the documents. 

We can assist with the following documents:

- Birth Certificate Attestations

- Marriage Certificate Attestations

- Degree/ Diploma Attestations

- Driver License Attestations

- Matric Attestations

The process would typically involve:

1. Notary Attorney- High Court- Department of International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO)/ Foreign Affairs- UAE Embassy in South Africa

2. Highest Authority for document (Degrees- DHET; Matric- Umalusi/DOE; Road Management etc)- DIRCO- UAE Embassy in South Africa 

The UAE embassy typically will take the documents overnight and they will be attested by the following working day. Anderson Document Attestation offers competitively prices Document Attestation services for the UAE for South Africans. 

See the quote from a satisfied client: 

"When we heard document attestation we were overwhelmed. After phoning around to various companies, it was clear that Anderson Consulting definitely were the best and only choice. Mr Anderson were very helpful, addressed all our concerns, standard of customer service are superb & their services are very affordable. We were kept updated throughout the entire process and everything was done quickly! Less than a week and all documentation were attested and delivered!! Anderson Consulting is definitely the only company to use whenever you have documentation that needs to be attested!! Mr & Mrs Immelman" SurveyMonkey Conducted 20-10-2015

Should you require assistance please contact us. 

Phone: 012 003 2910 or via Email: 

Attestation, Apostille, Authentication and Legalisation of Documents for Overseas Work opportunities Revised November 24, 2015 14:02

Anderson Consulting offers a service that assists those to get their documents attested in a few days. When applying for work opportunities in foreign Countries potential employers may request that key documents such as: Marriage certificates, Degrees or Trade Certificates,Professional Memberships (Teaching, Medical, Accountants and Engineers) and other documents may need to have an Apostille Certificate (where countries are party to The Hague Convention) or a Certificate of Authentication (where countries are not party to The Hague Convention). 

Should the country not be part of the Hague convention then the document will also need to be  legalized by that Country’s (UAE etc) embassy.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar are examples of countries that do not form part of the Hague Convention. An  Apostille document (Mainly EU and US) is a shorter process and does not require further legalization at a country’s embassy.


Typical Document route for:

Official document route ( 5steps in Process)

1. Notary attorney

2. High court

3. Department of foreign affairs/ DIRCO

4. Embassy

5. Returned to Person via DHL/ Postnet.

Degree route (4 steps in Process)

1. Department of Higher Education

2. Department of foreign affairs/ DIRCO

3. Embassy

4. Returned to Person via DHL/ Postnet.


Please see some of the websites and pages regarding  Apostille, Legalisation, Notarization and Authentication of Documents. Anderson Consulting is situated in Pretoria and are able to assist South Africans in getting their  documents Authenticated for employment purposes.


Department of Higher Education and Training (Pretoria)


Department of International Relations and Co- operation (Pretoria)


Police Clearance Certificates


Anderson Document Attestation is based in Pretoria with easy access to the High Court, National Government Departments and most embassies and consulates. We ensure that documents are completed on time ensuring a top quality service. 

Please check our website link below for pricing:

Turnaround times to remember when emigrating from South Africa November 24, 2015 13:37

The emigration process is time consuming and requires preparation of various documents before a VISA application can be made. This depends on the document requirements for the specific country. We thought we'd share a few time lines to help people prepare for their VISA's. 

- Birth Certificate  +- 15 Business Days

- Marriage Certificate +-20-30 Business Days

- SAPS Police Clearance Certificates 15-21 Business Days

- Replacement Matric 6 Weeks

- Replacement degrees 1-4 weeks Institution Dependent

- Document Attestation (Non Hague Countries)/ Apostille 2-3 Days 

- Embassy Certifications (overnight) 

We assist candidates with their embassy and attestation requirements. We have assisted (and are not limited too) UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. Middle East typically issue their VISA's through a company sponsor. The main difference is that persons cannot become citizens of these countries, if they have stayed their for several years. 

We can also assist with EU document requirements and for document certification that may be required by countries such as Australia and New Zealand. 

Anderson Document Attestation Services is willing to assist.

Contact us: 012 0032910 or via email: 






Over 700 Deliveries- Document Attestation South Africa November 12, 2015 13:40

Anderson Consulting Celebrated over 700 successful deliveries for various clients within South Africa and abroad. Together with DHL, our supplier, we have been able to deliver documents to various countries abroad. Anderson Consulting strives to continue to ensure high levels of service to our clients. Our focus is to ensure that we are responsive to our clients needs, are competently able to perform these tasks as efficiently as possible. 

Anderson Consulting Operational Team

Over this period we have updated our systems to ensure better tracking, allow clients to order online (ensuring the address and contact number are accurate), we've introduced online payment facilities. On average it takes about 2-3 days for us to complete attestations. We strive to be as efficient as possible using simple but effective processes to ensure that we prevent any issues with documents. We continue to research and find better ways to serve our clients. 

We hope to provide continued services to our clients and to grow in our service offerings. Should you have any queries feel free to contact us. Call: 012 003 2910 or Email: 

Anderson uses PayFast as a Payment Gateway September 9, 2015 09:17

PayFast is a South African payment gateway which allows South African business to accept credit and other payments. PayFast intergrates with Shopify and uses the latest technology to secure payments. Shopify is one of the largest online shopping platforms. Anderson consulting Associates (Pty) Ltd does not store or is in no way using any banking information for VISA/ MasterCard transactions, this functionality is being used to allow easier payment methods particularly for South Africans abroad. 

Visit and for further information. 

Anderson Consulting uses DHL to deliver August 28, 2015 10:51

Anderson Consulting made a decision to use DHL to ensure that documents are delivered from South Africa right to our clients- wherever they are located- whether in South Africa or globally. We deal directly with DHL to ensure that our clients receive accurate and efficient service. 

Countries we have sent our documents too:

South Africa (Obviously); UK, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, USA, Italy, Australia, Portugal, France, Singapore, Hong Kong- and we hope to add further places to our map. 


Anderson Consulting decides to Shopify... August 25, 2015 12:03

We decided that as a company we needed to streamline or internal processes to ensure that we could better serve our growing client base. So, we have created a Shopify Site. This allows customers to purchase online using their VISA/ MaterCards and EFT transfers. We then get accurate address information and clients have the freedom to choose different products and services we offer. By using this system we are able to on average speed up the process by a day. This is because the payments are automated and we are then able to focus on serving our clients efficiently. 

Currently Anderson Consulting focuses on Document Attestation for the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We will also be adding further services and products to our portfolio to be able to serve our clients better. 

We can be contacted 8-5pm Monday to Friday.

+2712 003 2910 


How to do your own Document Attestation, Authentication, Legalization and Apostille in South Africa- Part-1 July 31, 2015 14:54

This is an informative blog about how to do your own Apostille/ Authentication and Attestation in South Africa for those wanting to emigrate and work in foreign countries- particularly the Middle East. Within this blog we explain thelocation, pricing and process for each department and we rated each government department and embassy. We did this by creating a rating table which explains our rationale for the scale out of 5- see the bottom of the blog for this scale. We have also made a comment about each South African Government department and Embassy. On the whole we believe that the government departments and embassies offer good services- thanks. We plan to update this quarterly and hope that we can add more institutions. Previously we wrote a blog which highlights the various document routes please visit: This blog focuses on the locations and more specific details of where to go to get your documents attested.


We have tried to put times,locations and pricing (if there is pricing) together that are accurate at the time of publishing. Obviously if you are based in Pretoria it would make sense to actually do this yourself. However, those that are based in different cities in South Africa or abroad it would make sense to use our services instead. We offer competitive pricing for a free estimate visit:


Government- Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Department Basic Education (DBE), Department International Relations and Co operation (DIRCO), Umalusi, South African Police Services (SAPS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) 

Department of Education- Matric Certificates Pre- 1992 and replacement Matric Certificates

Address: 222 Struben Street,Pretoria

Business hours 8:00-16h00


Turnaround Time: Matric Replacement typically 4 weeks, Embassy Letter-for Matric Attestation- Next Business Day. Payment required.

Process: Lost Matric- require an affidavit stating the loss of a Matric certificate, and a certified copy of ID application form to apply for Matric application. Embassy letter- Certified copy of Matric Certificate and ID.

Payment: Take about R150-R200depends on what is required. R32 for an Embassy Letter.


Rating: 2 out of 5 May update ( 3 out of 5) The department has been consistent. 

Comment: There is security available at the premises however the area is not the safest. The service we believe is not as accurate and efficient as other departments. However, they still get the work done and transparency is good as you make payment and receive an invoice with a unique number for any services.


Department of Higher Education and Training

Attesting of Higher educational degrees and diplomas from South African institutions only

Address: 123 Francis Baard Street

Business Hours: 8:00-16:00

Turnaround time: Approximately 30minutes- timing varies

Process: Original degree/diploma Certificate together with a photocopy must be presented to the Official. Degree must be from a South African Government University or a registered private institute (This differs according to degrees offered at private universities). All foreign degrees must be presented in the country of origin. Not sure if they have a database of all degrees in South Africa. However, most of the established universities are very organized and they would have their own databases of degrees and qualifications.


Payment: No Payment Required.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Comment: Parking is a mission as it is a busy street. They require originals but this is not the case always hence why we would prefer a numbering system and even payment as it would ensure better transparency.


Department of International Relations and Co Operation

Final South African step in Degree Attestation/Authentication/Legalization, Notary of Birth and Marriage Certificates to be authenticated

Address: 460 Soutpansberg Road,Pretoria

Business Hours: 8:00-12:00 to collect within 45 minutes 12:30 drop off collect next day.

Turnaround: Over 5 documents to collect next business day, Over 20 Documents to collect in 2 working days.

Payment: No Payment required.



Rating: 5 out of 5 (May 2015 Update) we still rate them at 5. 

Comment: The biggest problem we have is that this department shows us that South African government can deliver at high standards! And this is a problem because if they can do it so can the rest of the departments. This department has been audited by PWC and maintains ISO 9001 standards. They number everything,are efficient, Free, consistent and transparent. Parking is safe and convenient- once registered to get in (you require identity). Excellent services and we hope that they can assist in training other departments.


Department of Justice : North Gauteng High Court

Address: Madiba Street, Pretoria

Business Hours: 8:00-16:00

Turnaround Time: To collect waiting +-30 minutes. No document limits- within reason.

Process: Documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and other official documents must be Notorised by a notary attorney prior to arrival at high court. If the documents are for non Hague countries then the document is “Authenticated” this still needs to go to DIRCO and High Court. If a Hague convention country documents are Apostilled at High Court.

NB. European (EU) Countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK etc)require that the original document is Apostilled at DIRCO. This means your for go your original Home Affairs document. The reason is that due to fraud/suspected fraud from SA Notaries. You can Legalize at certain European countries instead of using an SA Notary. German Embassy in Pretoria offers this service for a +-R200.

Payment: No Payment Required


Rating: 4 out of 5 ( May update 4 out of 5)

Comment: Parking at the High Court is challenging. We have always received excellent service from the High Court at no fee. There is no numbering system and I suppose we could fault this but they are extremely efficient.


South African Police Services- Police Clearance Certificate-

Bothongo Plaza West, CRC Client Service Centre,271 Frances Baard Street

Business hours: 8:00-16:00

Police Clearance Turnaround:Typically 15 Business Days

Process:   Take Fingerprints at a South African Police station or Embassy, foreign police station-

Payment: Payment of R59 required at a local police station or EFT. Proof of payment or receipt required. Keep Slip for collection!


Check progress of Police Clearance Checks:


Rating:   3 out of 5 May update 2 out of 5 ( we have sent though documents with numerous delays) 

Comment: The parking and accessibility is difficult. Also, it takes 15 days minimum to get a criminal record back. This we believe could be more efficient.   However, they are consistent, transparent and accurate.


Umalusi- Matric Certificates Verification post- 1992

 Attestation of Matric Certificates post 1992

Address: 37 General Van Ryneveld Street, Persequor Techno Park- Pretoria

Business Hours: 8:00-16:00

Turnaround: Typically one business day

Process: Scanned certified copy of Matric and of ID to be emailed and then to collect embassy letter next business day.

Payment: +-R59 for an embassy verification letter.



Rating: 4 out of 5 May update (same rating) 

Comment: They meet all criteria except for efficiency. We believe that they could be more efficient. They have a database of all Matric Certificates.






Embassies - Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Germany


Qatar Embassy Pretoria

 For Qatar Authentication of Degrees, marriage, birth and company documents.

Address: 1077 Justice Mahomed Street Pretoria

Business Hours: 9:00-12:00 (For legalization/authentication)

Turnaround: Same day- Drop only documents between 9-12. Collect next day between 14:00-15:00

Process: Ensure all SA steps for various document routes are followed prior to arriving at embassy.

Payments: Cash only R70 per page (Price update 2015) 



Rating: 4 out of 5 - Rating First quarter 2015- 3 out of 5.

Comment: The Qatar embassy is efficient and you can collect the same day. However, currently you have to make payment to a security guard who gives the documents to an official. This we believe will change in 2015 as they have made upgrades to their facility.

Update May 2015: Qatar embassy has been inconsistent with the processing of documents in the last few months. At times we have waited a week for a degree document!!!


United Arab Emirates (UAE- Dubai & Abu Dhabi) Embassy Pretoria

For UAE authentication of degrees, marriage, birth and official company documents.

Address: 992 Arcadia Street-Pretoria

Business Hours: 9:00-12:00

Turnaround: Collect next business day. Expedited service same day collection.

Payment: Deposit into their South African bank account- R400 per document (Eg Degree) Expedite (R600) for individuals and their documents. Business documents vary and can be several thousand Rand.   Proof of payment required prior to submission.

Website: No South African Website. Details:


Rating: 4 out of 5 May 2015 rating: Same rating

Comment: The process is transparent and we believe that the official is fair. We believe that the UAE offers a great service. They could be faulted on efficiency- it takes a day to get documents unless you pay a higher premium.   Also, it is the highest fee at an embassy for authentication.  


German Embassy South Africa- Consular and Visa Section

Address: 1267 Pretorius Street, Pretoria

Business Hours:   9:00-16:00

Turnaround: Depending on requirements of course. However, legalization of documents would be about 45mins.

Payment: As indicated above- they charge +-R200 for documents to be legalized.


Rating: None yet

Comment: we have not dealt with this embassy enough to make a judgment call.


Kuwait Embassy- Pretoria

For the Kuwait authentication of of degrees, marriage, birth and official company documents.

Address: 890 Arcadia Street-Pretoria

Business Hours:   9:00-12:00

Turnaround: Same day or next business day- depends

Payment: R250 per document(Degree etc). Collect next business day prior to 12 noon. 

Website:   No South African Website.


Rating: 4 out of 5

Comment: The Kuwait embassy is well priced and they are consistent. 


 Oman Embassy

For the Autnetication of Degrees, Marriage, birth and official company documents. 

Address: 11 Anderson Street, Pretoria,

Business Hours: 9-12 noon

Turnaround next business day. 

Payment: Degrees and Marriage R700 per document.


Rating: 3 out of 5 

Comment: Most expensive embassy. At times pricing differs. Service is consistent and can collect same day if in available 


 Saudi Arabia Embassy: 

For the Autnetication of Degrees, Marriage, birth and official company documents. 

Address: 711 Duncan street, Pretoria,

Business Hours: 9-11:30am

Turnaround- Same business day. 

Payment: $8 dollars online credit card. 


Rating: 4 out of 5

Rating scale for Embassies and SA Government departments in Pretoria for Document Attestation, Authentication, Apostille and Legalisation

Comment: We have been pleasantly surprised by efficient service levels from the Saudi Arabian embassy in Pretoria.